Assistant Professor in Model-Based AI at the ILLC

Are you a passionate teacher and ambitious researcher working on fundamental questions in AI? Are you looking for a faculty position in a stimulating academic environment? Then please read on.

Modern applications of AI in high-stakes domains such as health, law, or security call for solutions that can offer adequate levels of safety, accountability, transparency, responsibility, trustworthiness, and explainability. Such applications often are knowledge-intensive and depend on provably correct system behaviour. Requirements such as these necessitate the development of what in recent years have come to be known as model-based approaches to AI.

We are looking for a specialist in an area of model-based AI such as, for example, SAT solving, constraint programming, planning and scheduling, answer set programming, description logics, ontology engineering, or computer-aided verification. We hope that you will be able to connect with the long and proud research tradition in logic at the ILLC, while also reaching out to the broader AI research community in Amsterdam.


22 November 2021


For full details regarding this vacancy please refer to the ILLC website.

Ulle Endriss
Ulle Endriss
Full Professor